07 mai, 2016

DM (german drugstore) Beauty Haul

I went home to visit my family and friends in Germany some weeks ago! It felt so good to be in my homeland and to see everybody. And of course I had to stop at the DM drugstore!  
A drugstore like that is something I really miss here in France. Affordable prices, good quality and you find everything you need. I bought lots of shampoos from the DM-brand, they are recommended by hair stylists and cost only about 1-2 euros each! Then I bought some hair protection and styling products, body lotions, a bunch of protein bars ( Sportness Eiweiss Cookie, 0,70 euros each, I love those ones), some dental sticks for Lily, and some shampoos and a après rasage cream for my love! 

Hope you all have a nice week end, Hugs and kisses!

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