15 mai, 2016

Mini Haul Lush, NYX

Lush: Massage Bar 'Hottie', Bubble bar 'Rose Jam Bubbleroon', Lip scrub 'Popcorn'
NYX: Wonder pencil 'medium', Soft matte lip cream 'stockholm'

We went out for lunch and a little walk yesterday and I bought some things I felt like I needed :) 
My favorite lip scrub 'Popcorn' that was empty, a massage bar that I absolutely wanted to try out- and I love it and- because you never can have enough of them in your bathroom- a bubble bar!
And since a NYX-store opened this month in my city, I had to stop by to see what it looks like, and I couldn't leave without buying anything!

2 commentaires:

  1. I love Lush! Definitely one of my fave brands x

    Xtina G Says..

  2. Ahhh ich liebe die matte lil cream in Stockholm! Mein Favorit von Nyx! Liebe Grüße ♥